Does Ads - .AdFailedToLoad / .AdFailedToShow apply here

Hi. Ads network have something called “Fill Rate” and having/maintaining 100% fill rate all the time is impossible. This means ads for some users are not showing, therefore this shouldn’t be considered a “failed” scenario. If we implement failed blocks, will, let’s say a message show if the ads cannot be filled

Could you elaborate what you’re asking for?

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For example if I use UnityAds, and I add the blocks AdFailedToLoad and AdFailedToShow to get a notified message, is this message going to show, if the ad fails to show/load due to no available ads to fill from the ad network itself ?

Can you give me an example when AdFailedToLoad or AdFailedToShow applies ?

And my some question about it!
I’m using Admob then if i Reload Ads on AdFailedToLoad or AdFailedToShow then any violating in Admob Policy or Term Conditions?

Becaz when we add AdFailedToLoad or AdFailedToShow to show Notifer then user are disturbed…

It’s not recommended to request for new ads again when it fails.

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I’ve seen many developers that put another attempt to request ads in failedtoLoad and failedtoShow.
Also got reports that some users are getting stuck of constant ads loop, which might be due to this.

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You can refer to each ad network’s documentation page. Almost all of them recommends not to call load ad again when it fails. Some ad networks already does that for the user.

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Still don’t understand at what scenario will tthe failedtoload and failedtoshow blocks will raise an event ? Like I said if the ad network cannot fill the ads, will the block - FailedtoShow raise an error, as this isn’t error ?

But what about calling load ad again from a different ad network ? Is there anything about this in the documentation ?

I’ve researched, and it seems like calling load ad from same network again in FailedtoLoad/Show blocks, can result in harmful account (policy violations) or reducing fill rates/eCPM, but cannot find anything if we try calling ad from different ad network ?

Like calling UnityAds .ShowAds
If UnityAdsFailedToShow/Load - Call .startapp ads

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