Design Challenge for Niotron App creators

Hello Guys,

This a challenge for Niotron app creators. You can share your designs made with Niotron any type of design. Let’s see who can made best design in Niotron. I made only one design.

Please share your designs.


Please change your topic to #challenge category as it’s a challenge :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, nice challenge

which type of design?

Any type of design. Which is made in Niotron.

Geme a choice

My designs :grimacing:. How’s it ?


one is awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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1ST one awesome. can you give me aia.

its ezz
i dont think it needed
if u have issues with curves
then same here almost

Sorry but I can’t because all are made in other app inventor. And it’s only for personal use that’s why. Sorry :pleading_face:

These all designs made by me in other app inventor platforms.

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ok so i will make a

dashboard ui(if I get time i will else after exams)

well i also made some

that is made in thunkable!!

this is also made on kod*lar

and this on it app inventor

well I’m trying to make a dashboard app

the things that are made in k odular can be made in niotron but in t hunkable we can place the components anywhere we can so maybe try creating in niotron first and then share the aia