DefaultFileScope - Canvas save image to Shared folder

If I set DefaultFileScope to Legacy (in the Designer), the Canvas component should save an image to one of the Shared folders (like: /DCIM/test/ for example). But the image is saved in the ASD (at least on Android 11+):

I get the same result, if I save it to the PrivateDir (set DefaultFileScope to Private).


Screenshot - DefaultFileScope



On Android 9 it is saved in the Shared folder (/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/test/)
in both cases:

  • DefaultFileScope = Legacy and
  • DefaultFileScope = Private

What Is test
it is app name??

Yea we actually have noticed many stuff related to the file system is really messed up due to the recent app inventor file system change, although we planned to include this in this update, but due to the emergency SDK update, we had to exclude those. Because without proper testing it can break the existing projects

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Hmm, what does that mean exactly?

Some of our component SDKs were really old (mainly ads) and they stopped working so we had to push a update in hurry. Fixing the file system is quite a work and without properly testing it pushing it in server could potentially break the projects. That’s why it’s not included in this update although we repeatedly promised to make changes/fix on this thing in this update


If you need beta testers then i can test also @Anke can test

No, it’s a subfolder in /DCIM/.