Default side bar

i use default side bar and default title bar…

but when sidebar appear title bar “Home” also appear… how to disable title bar when someone click on sidebar…?

Please show your blocks @Devendra_Singh

finally i have done… i disable “screen scrollable” features so other veritical scroll arrangement is scrollable but title bar is not scrolling now, is fixed on top now.

btw i’ m using 7-8 screen because i having lots of 100+ files in my app and avoiding app crashes issues i’m using “close screen” block to close every screen. so there will be no background running process.

it is good idea?

thanks to reply…

It’s fantastic idea
Go with this :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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oh sorry side bar problem is still, i was solved scrollable issues,

here is the block i used to…


sorry once again…