Data safety: Invalid Data safety form

how can i fix it…
i am using facebook ads and activity starter

You are the only one that can find the answer to this question. It is not related to niotron.
You fullfilled the form wrong. It really is a pain in the asss the way Playstore deal with it. Sometimes I just mark all the options as if I collected and share all data from all users with all the goals.

If you, for example, say in the form that you don’t collect any data of the users but you use onesignal (and onesignal collect data) you will have a problem like this. You must know what is the policy and what kind of permissions of each component and extension that you use.

And don’t be lazy or hurried when you fullfill the form. Pay very attention and if you have any doubt, mark the option that is more safe (that you collect data, for example, even if you are not sure if any part of the app collect or not)


Your data safety form not correct Tick on device or others ID and fill next steps and save

thanks, I Re-check again in play-console. I hope something will work.

problem solved

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