Custom Toast Extension

Hey Everyone,
This extension helps you to create a custom toast with a given arrangement.It only have one function and three properties.



You can set Toast Duration 0 for Short length and 1 for Long length.
You can set Toast Gravity like Center,Top,ect…(In Integer) Check gravity values here.
You can also set if you want roundedCorners in toast or not.(Set layout background color to none and use bgcolor option in extension to use it succesfully)




v2 - CustomToast.aix (7.7 KB)
v1- CustomToast.aix (7.4 KB)

Update v2 - Added designer property to change notifier location by x and y.


Useful Extension for all developers, nice work keep it up :hugs:

Very nice bro i really need this extension

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Thanks to both of you for appreciation :smile:

Updated Extension :yum:


v3 - CustomToast.aix (7.8 KB)
In this version the set arrangement block have been made a property

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can you share block how to use this extension ?

Block for v1 and v2 is given in first post.
Here is block for v3
Everything is explained in the first post.


Is it possible to make custom x,y position toast?

Yup,it’s possible …

If we make arrangement visible its shows on home page,make that we can hide it before showing toast and icon is big too.

Which version are you using?
And what you mean by icon is big?

I am using v3 ,

Just set arrangement for custom toast on initialize and it will hide

Nice Extension :ok_hand:It will help in my project :grin:

Thanks for appreciation!