Custom Chat View - AIA

:wave: Hey everyone

I have made a chat view for a test project “Niotron Bot” with the help of default components and some extensions. Here is how it looks…

I have used 3 extensions

  1. Dynamic Components - By Yusuf Cihan | For the chat bubbles/container
  2. Taifun Textbox - By Taifun | For listning to the text input event and chnage to change icon
  3. Scroll handler - By ColinTree | For scrolling chat view to bottom when new message get added into view

thanks to all these developer for such a great extensions :blush:

I’m also adding the aia of this chat view so that you can take a look into it, learn and make your own. Looking forward to see another chat view UI from you. Do share if you create one.

Hit :heart: button if you like the UI and feel free to ask if you have any query regarding this.

Download AIA : ChatView.aia (275.5 KB - Version 1.0.1)


Nice tutorial @tanishraj :heart_eyes:

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Awesom extension @tanishraj this will help me in my project so much

can you suggest where to get scrool handeler?


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this is an awesome project, please keep up the good work… cheers

Please is it possible to make it like a group chat where my app users can interact with one another in group not public? thank you

Yes it is possible buddy

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@Horizon please can you help and put me through

Please help us with full guide to make group chat

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