Cursor problem with textbox

Hey, am facing an issue. I have a very big form that i want my users to fill.

The problem is…there are some textbox then many checkboxes

so after filling the last textbox…when we swipe down…that textbox is no more visible in the display area and because the cursor is still on textbox it is scrooling the screen up automatically.

what i want is that after i fill the textbox. that cursor should be removed from that box

I tried cursor visible=false but it didnt work

I want to know how can i remove cursor from a textbox

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I think you mean removing focus from a TextBox. If this is the case then there is no way to do that as of now. We might think of adding it.

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Is it possible to add this keyboard type? I think this could be the solution…

Next tab can be selected from the keyboard.


Yes you can change soft key of the keyboard :grin:

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