Create pdf extension KOI4PDF

Please help me.

I think im lost. See attached here my code for the creation of the pdf. (pdf should be created from the content of screen2), but all solutions i have tried does not work.

See attached the .aia file as well. (the ui is not populated currently) when the app starts up, swipe from left. click on payroll information twice (i.e. swipe again and press). a list, currently only my name will come up. if you select the name, a new screen opens and it will populate the fields from a spreadsheet. Now after the fields have been populated, this where i want to press pdf and it must save a copy to the phone.

Can you or someone please help with what i must do to get this part to work. in order for me to move to the next phase of the project.


NavigationDrawer.aia (138.1 KB)

Post the blocks too.

@Ellik_Swart Try this aia

NavigationDrawer.aia (145.0 KB)

Thanx. For the help

@Ellik_Swart is it’s working ?

morning ive tested, it does not work. everytime i press the pdf button, it closes the app. i have had success with the same blocks in mit app inventor. when the aia file is uploaded there it works 100%. The thing is i want to continue with niotron as there are certain extensions built in here which i would like to use.

NavigationDrawerrs.aia (179.3 KB)

I think this extension is not supported by niotron