Create a button within a vertical scroll arrangement using the dynamic component

Guys, I created a very simple chat for sending and receiving messages on Kodular and it has the Dynamic Component for button, image, label, space and text box.
As Niotron doesn’t have it (I don’t know why) they ask to use the dynamic component extension. The problem is that I have doubts about how to use it. In Kodular I don’t need to place the button in the arrangement. In this case, with the dynamic button component I create it within the arrangement:

In Niotron, I had to place the button inside the arrangement and I don’t know if these blocks have the same function as in Kodular:

His name and the others appear on these buttons that are created dynamically within the arrangement. When I click on one of them, the name appears in the label.
Can anyone help me find out if the Niotron block is correct?

Apparently it’s almost correct, just one detail:

I would try replacing this…


by this…

Or also this… (I think it’s the same)

Thanks Mark, I’ll try.