Course App (paid)

There are two types of courses in this app. =
1. Courses which every one can buy or learn for free
2. Special course, only available to users who have purchased the membership plan. There are two type of membership plan (6 months and 1 year) and all courses under this will be available for free for users who purchased membership. Live classes will be also available for these users.

Membership features =

  • Live class with Attachments (like pdf, image, notes, etc which users can download) and Live chat
  • Proper schedule/time table for each live class
  • Notifications
  • Search option is also available here
  • Different categories will have different course and each course will have different lectures and all will be available for free only for those who purchased the membership plan.

Features for normal users =

  • This also have different categories in which there are different courses and in these courses there are different lectures. Some will be free and some paid. Users have to purchase these courses. Users can purchase a single lecture or can purchase whole course.
  • Promotional banner
  • After purchase users courses will be divided in Active, pending and completed.
  • App will also keep track of how much you have completed a course (in %). This will tell users which course he is watching and how much he completed it yet, which he didn’t touched yet and which he already completed.
  • Coupon system is also added
  • Reviews of each course
  • Recommendations
  • Notifications
  • Search options
  • Loading animations

And much more…

Screenshots =
Membership area =

Normal users area =

Common in both=

If not a single lecture in a course is bought =

If atleast one lecture is bought=

Video =

APK = Will upload soon


Fantastic app. All features are very good. It’s look like a professional app. Awesome UI​:+1:

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Bro, can you tell me how to make this type animated sidebar…

Looks very nice.
I think you should inform the price to everyone. That aside, it is really very nice app. When you share an apk please mention me so I can test it.

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Me and my team will use this course app to launch our own courses. In that app we will also teach how to make sidebar like this.

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You have used shreya recycler view bar paid extension , you should metion that buys should first buy from her !

Nope, I am not using that. I tried to use it once but it’s lil bit tricky to use, so I start using niotron’s recycler view
And if I am using any paid extension then the buyer also have to buy those paid extension, because for them those extensions will not work

And we have to buy paid extensions because niotron’s components similar to these extension are not working for a long time now. Like FTP upload, it’s been many months now and there is no news or development for that component.

Can you pls mention which extension you used for making this bar , pls?

what bar? can you show me in a screenshot

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Here is the demo apk = Click to download

Demo account =
Email - [email protected]
Password - 123

This Error Is Showing In My Mobile

maybe you are using very old device or you are trying this app on an android emulator

Bro Can You tell Us How TO Make this

I have already answered this. We will soon launch this app and will upload free & paid both types of courses. Courses related to UI, some components, whole app, how to use use color etc

Why you not using prevent screen capture in your app

users can record course and leak