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Dear developers,

I have been experiencing a strange thing. Can u please confirm if it’s a bug-

Say I have dragged CardView/Any arrangement in the screen. Now I have assigned a block for the function OnClick of the card/arrangement. Then I copied the arrangement and pasted it in screen. It should create a separate I’d for the arrangement. But strangely I found, an automatic copy of the block that already has been assigned and now both block shows duplicate issue for each other. It’s strange specially when I haven’t assigned any function for the copied block yet. To resolve this I had to manually change the I’d of the copied arrangement and then after changed the block section.

  1. My qn. Is whether ID is not unique for copied components!
  2. Should it assign the function without user’s consent? If yes it should not be with same ID of the arrangement.
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If you copied the any component (say Button1) and upon paste it should rename automatically as Button1_Copy, else there is a problem

@Spicy_Topics it’s a very old topic… it’s full 1 year old therefore don’t open it
And please close it as I guess 2 updates have came after publishing the topic