Consent requirement: No CMP for admob

Someone help me regarding the ad consent form. How to use this form? How to resolve this issue in admob?

I get Ad serving at-risk in my account.

Please help me!!

Thank you,

@Best_of_Love, did you use an ad consent form for UK and EU users? If not, then add that component and make sure to use it properly.

I’m already using but not useful for me, can you suggest some documentation or video for help.

Im lost my revenue from last 20 days.

Please help me :sob:

@Best_of_Love show your block code let me see what wrong you have done

How to fix this, please help me, tell or show me some of my blocks, it would be g


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@HINDUSTAN_TIGER what is the exact problem? can you please elaborate more about this?

Had to setup Admob’s GDPR EU and Cmp, I am not getting any block in niotron.

@HINDUSTAN_TIGER you need to use the ad consent form and follow their norms that it is

How to use Ads_Consent_From block, show the way

Load the ad consent form on screen initialise and then when it’s loaded then show the form simple. Set the properties as per your need