Congratulation I found this again and again

I hope you all are very happy because this is very comman
When we need to do some argent work we found that
So it is very comman

When you found this don’t Angy it just say to us just take a rest
And leave your projects for some days

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Bro got no chill !

Click on Create App then You will see it amazing error

Servers are under maintenance which is why its down. And it’s not common.

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Any ETA by when the servers will be back?

Still better few hours maintenance, rather than these Kodular forever “maintenances”

How long will the maintenance last?

There is no time limit
It can take a day , a weak , or a month or a year
There is no fix time duration so just take rest and leave your project shut down your PC or Mobile and give the time to your family or Friends

A day probably, things are out of our control as well with the database management system

Please like when will the mainteinance going to last because I suppose to submit a project since yesterday,:sob::sob::sob:

its been more then a day!!

And they didn’t even bother to update us

A day is over now what

At least update us! I keep checking the platform every few minutes because I have urgent work, my project was done, only remaining for me to export the app and abb then problem started now I keeping checking it every few minutes.

I have too

Please solve this issue

Please @NiotronStaff @Avijit , please do something about the server please.

We have some urgent project to complete sir, even my own was just to export my project abb and apk.

Kab tak rahega sir ji

@Developer_Micheal Bro I am not from Niotron team.

Sorry, I mistakenly tag you, I wanted to tag Niotron staff.