Companion refreshing problem

I need a help, After new update 2.6.1 , I’m facing companion refreshing problem. It some time work but mostly it’s not working. When I connect companion to my pc and after doing changes in my project nothing happen in companion. I have manually refresh companion but result is same. I’m using Mozilla Firefox browser and I have also tried after clear browser caches. I’m using companion latest version 2.6.1. Please help me I am not understanding that the problem from ​my side or your side.

Try to refresh your browser cookies and uninstall Niotron companion and install again, now check.
Perfectly working in my phone

Is your internet stable sometimes on unstable internet this problem is seen

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@Avijit Bro I have already tried that many times.

Internet is stable. Before New update 2.6.1, I have never faced this type problem. After New update, I’m regularly trying to solve this problem. But I can’t.

Can I know how much big your project is? Maybe it’s due to so many blocks or many screens and then we can fix it accordingly

@iAditya-Nanda Bro, I have also tried with new project without using blocks and without add any additional screens. But result is same., Nothing change in companion and I have also tried to refresh manually. But nothing happened. So I think, This issue is not happening due to many blocks or many screens.

Thanks for the information @ELDORADO this will be taken under consideration

companion is not working at all stuck at 20% then percent despair its is not working

@iAditya-Nanda Bro, My problem is still same, any other solution.

My problem has solved. It was due to firefox browser. After new update Firefox Browser, my companion is correctly working. Sorry Niotron Team, If I misguided you about companion error.

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