Companion not working

since last 2 days my companion live testing is not working, there is also a problem while signing in into companion,
i scanned the qr code and after that nothing happens, just stay still, no errors, no alerts nothing, no live testing


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What is your companion version ?
Use the latest one

and if this doesn’t work then try clearing data or reinstall the companion

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Not work My companion version latest

…and I try 5 different phone but not work stock 20% Why


Have you tried re installing the companion ?

when i am using VPN it working perfectly and fine
but, without vpn it is not connecting, i have tried different niotron account, new projects, but still not working, without vpn

Yes I am try to re install but now Work

Try clearing Companion app cache and Clear data then retry connecting. If still it’s not connecting then I think you should open your Niotron dashboard in another browser like Mozilla Firefox and try connecting. I hope it’ll work.

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now it is working automatically
close this topic

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i am using Version 2.4 companion
live testing is not working today
yesterday it was working
i tried clearing data and cookies but not working

today again not working , yesterday night it was working fine just it stays on QR screen for infinite time

I also happened to me. What i did that i changed my browser from chrome to firefox and connect the it start working then i back to chrome. And it is working without any problem

I am trying from one hour, companion is not getting connect.
I uninstall and install 2.6.1.
Still the same not getting connect wit companion.
I clear the browser.
I close and open the niotron page.
I try other project also still same.

Internet speed is 900 kb to 2 mb.

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same here.

There is a error in connection with the companion and the problem is forwarded to the team and soon the problem will be fixed


i can not connect app ,i will try 7 days but still face this problem.I also reinstall this app and try not work,as a result i also clear my data but facing same problem.I also try changing my browser and use VPN but can not connect it.please solve my problem

companion not getting connect…

Browser & Companion version?

I’m using Chrome browser (updated) with companion v 2.6.1 and I’m also having the issues with connecting companion today.

I’m using the same, but no connection problems at all.

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Thanks for replying :blush:
Yes, this problem is now resolved for me.
Thanks to Niotron