Companion Issue

It is my Humble Request…Please Find any permanent solution for companion. Its not connected.
Already do all possible jobs but not found any result.

after Every 2-3 days… This happens to me.

I never faced any problem with companion.

What is your browser ?

Usually I Use Chrome, But When I Face This Issue, I tries All Browser like, Edge, Firefox and Chrome.
I Also Clean Cache and Cookies.
Restart Laptop
Change Internet

But Same Issue.

Go to this website. If website showing this :point_down:

It’s mean no problem from Niotron side.

Clear browser history, cache, …

On which Android version?

I also cannot connect on Android 5.x. It gets stuck at 20%…
Tested on several devices with Android 4.x and 5.x.


Obviously In PC

@Pradyumansinh_Jadeja What is your aia size ?

Android 12

Newly Created. Only 1 CardView. 1 Hori. Arrangement. 1 Vertical Arrangement and some Labels

Does this happen only with a specific app (aia)?
If so, post the aia.

Are you using vpn to access the internet?, please if you are, make sure both your phone and your pc are on the same IP address otherwise companion will not work. Note: I just connected my companion and it is working fine.
Possible Solution 2: if you are using the automatic login feature of the companion, try the manual method since the auto feature delays a bit. I hope any of these helps you. you may also want to share a screenshot of your companion’s message display for further assistance. thank you

I Face this issue with all projects.

No, I’m not using VPN

Both are on same IP

Yes, I’m using Auto login feature.

Let me try with Manual Login System.
I’ll reply you Result soon

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Ok, let us see what happens if you try to connect to Companion with an almost empty project (only one block, button on Screen1).
So post a video.

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