Companion is not work

Some time estimated 1 hour ago i just uninstall Companion for whatever reason. Now i install again Companion and try to test but unfortunately not working.
I am using brave browser but i test with firefox also but not working.
Internet speed 60 Mb/sec and i experiment all possible method read form community who already faced in past.

I am reboot my phone and mask internet ip also but it failed.

When scanner open for connect i scan using phone not vanish scanner and not show progress bar for connecting.

Guid me how can i resolve this issue . Thank You

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same problem

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Companion server currently down. sorry for inconvenience :smiling_face_with_tear:


if it is planned maintenance you could show a warning that it is under maintenance so people wont worry.

Hello All,
I Try to connect companion but it doesn’t connect in my mobile. No Process start. Only QR Codes appear.
I try with another device but no result found.
I Try another Browser, Clear Cache and Cookies… But Same Issue.

Is it bug or temporary Error…?

Please help me to solve it.

Yes, it was not connected for last 30 min. If possible anyonce can share server status check up just like K if it exists… (PS this is not working)

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@Avijit Is there a new update coming? :smiley:

Within 1-2 weeks. If everything perfect.

Thanks to everyone for the patience, Companion Server is now live.

Yes. It’s Working !

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