Companion 2.3.1

Hi @niotron

I download the latest version of niotron Companion, But I connect companion in my project this error show me

My niotron Companion APK

Ok kro so bs kam hogya phir sahi chalega

morning it was working now stopped working again

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Click here to download the latest version of communication from Google Play store.



Same error show me
Use 2.3 companion, But I already use 2.3.1 companion

Oh that’s not error that’s only a notice from niotron
Just click on ok

Only Talk in English

not working for me.

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Just click on ‘Ok’ and wait and it would connect.

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You need to click on ok
That’s not error that’s only a notice

pop up is not coming anymore, after scanning QR code nothing happening. tried multiple browser.

yes same thing, nathing is working. Not getting connect ,


same problem,
one problem after other i feel :angry: :angry: :angry: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

When you scan qr a notice came click on ok and and wait for 1 minute

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                           **In niotron its show connected **


              **but actually niotron companion is not connected **

                    its also show one more error when try to connect it 

i already updated companion in few minutes ago.

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That’s not error that’s only notice
Click on ok and wait for some time

companion not working, from last 3 days.

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Companion not connect


Working for me I tested today and it works fine
Send video how you use or dm me