Colour Hex on Property does not work accurately

For some people it may not be visible but try to pay attention.
Bug in colour hex property
See the colour difference in appearance

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For some people it may not be visible but try to pay attention

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@Roland_Candra can you tell what are you comparing this to and i am confused are you trying to match color or something else? and hex codes are perfectly working

@iaditya_nanda when i put hex code #FFDB2B it become to #01FFD22B

Its like same yellow, but its different colour

@Roland_Candra is this problem with all the colours or only this ?

How strange, I even get another color


@iaditya_nanda I was doing some tests and it works strangely with most of the colors.

For example, if I enter ā€œ#FFDDAAā€ and press SAVE it will be set to ā€œ#FFDCAAā€ (changed the second D to C). And if I press to edit the color again it will appear as if I had entered ā€œ#FFDBAAā€, I was trying to find some explanation but I donā€™t understand it

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@Mark thanks for checking I will too give a check on this and If I too encounter the same problem then I will forward this query to the team asap