Cloudinary Alternatives

Hello does anyone knows a good cloudinary alternatives? my apps have reached the quota of cloudinary so i need another media storage service. thanks


@Faraz_Firoz there are. Many alternatives but the problem is there are no extension or components for most of them :sweat_smile:

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If it is to store images, this one:

  • ImgBB (There is extension)
  • Imgur (API, Extension)
  • ImgBox (No extension, No API)

If you want to store data (text), this one:

  • Cloud DB (Cloud or own Server)
  • SpreadSheet (Extension, Component)
  • Airtable (Extension, Component)
  • File (Offline Storage)
  • TinyWeb (Platform)
  • TinyWeb (Own DB, there is a guide by Tanish Raj)

If it is to store videos, this one:

  • Streamtape (Extension)
  • DoodStream (Extension)
  • DailyMotion (API + Extension)

If it is to store video + data + files, this one:

  • Google Drive (Extension)
  • Mega NZ (Extension)
  • Mediafire (API - Premium)
  • Fireload (API - Premium)
  • Cloudinary (Extension, Component)

Remember, some may have premium or paid versions that offer better services such as more storage, bandwidth, upload limits, download limits.

Most of them have a free version that can be used many times in medium to high level projects.



Thank you my brother for your detailed explanation :pray:

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