Chrome Custom Tab Help

I want to alert the user , who has not install chrome on their device and redirect to play store with google chrome app…

But how can i do this?

But Chrome already come pre installed in any phone, and at least in my phones it isn’t even possible to uninstall it.
Do you really think such thing is necessary? I don’t have data to support my words but I believe such a problem would affect less than 0,1% of the users.

Anyway, using your blocks no matter what is the error, the user will always get the message to download chrome, even if the app is already installed.
You should check the error message, and if it is the message related to chrome not installed (use google to find what is the message error, or try it in a phone with chrome disabled or not installed) and redirect to playstore only if the user doesn’t have chrome in the phone.

@Ridoy1 Use Package Utils to know that user has installed Chrome or not



check_chrome.aia(2.1 KB)


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