Chrome custom tab back press

I use chrome custom tab to open url in my app, but when i am at my website home page and i click back press to exit app, it shows white screen and if i again click back app closed. So i want to remove this white screen?

So please help

Try Like this and tell if this works

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This is about web view. I want chrome custom tab

Oh Sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Please be patient and I am sorry :sweat_smile: let me send new blocks

Please send me block image

I also wanted to know about this, please send blocks to me also

@Anubhav_Sinha and @Studies_Up try this block

Not working bro, basically chrome custom tab not opens in any screen, it opens like popup, so if we press back button, popup removes and we are on our screen1, so screen 1 has no content , it is only white screen because we are only using our website to open in chrome custom tab, so
Problem is about screen1 which is white
So please now help me to solve this error

Send screen shot let me and get an idea :+1:

Screenshot kya bhejna hai , aapko aata hai to try kr lo.

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I think we have to change the category of this topic to feature request

Ok then find your solution by your own and i was asking about the screen shot because i never got any white screen error in custom tabs and this error must be due to wrong blocks

Sorry bro, but tried for 10 ,11 times my problem not solved, can you send your app block which is using custom tabs and you are not getting any problems

First screen

Second screen

I tried this but still white screen issue has not been resolved for web view. I have to double press back button in order to close the application, If i single press it will remain on white screen.

First, confirm you are talking about Web View or Chrome Custom Tab

I have clearly mentioned that. Webview it is.

Then my dear this topic is of Chrome custom tab not webview

Yes but you replied with blocks for Webview in previous replies. No worries. My problem got resolved.
Thank You !

You are welcome