Check if the device is in idle / sleep mode (screen off)

With this extension you can check if a device is in sleep / idle mode (screen off).

de.bodymindpower.IdleMode.aix (4.9 KB)

Note: Blocks from AI2, I’ve never been to Niotron before. I was asked by someone on the AI2 forum to post my extension here too.


Hey @Anke, Welcome to Niotron Community! Good to see you here​:grinning:

Btw, the extension is small but useful :smiley:

Keep Niotroning and Developing Extensions :niotron:

Hey @Anke,
Welcome to the community!
It’s really an awesome extension and it’s helpful though.

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When device is in sleep then how we can do function with this extension without background running extension??


here is aia by @Anke from mit app inventor community - checkIdleMode.aia (25.5 KB)

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