Changed icon in playstore but doesn't change on android

I changed my icon in playstore. It displays fine in playstore but the old icon continues to display on phones even with fresh down load.

Block Images(if Any)

AIA OR APK(if Any)

Hello @Charles ,
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Have you changed your icon in project



I tried this but it will not allow me to add the new icon

and thank you for responding

The app icon in the Play Store has nothing to do with the launcher icon.


What does that mean?

I try to drag and drop my new png file and it does not do anything. There a 2 files in there do I need to remove them or select no icon? I just don’t know.

You must upload the launcher icon into the assets and select it from there:


I do not show the PMEic_launcher.png.

I am new at all of this but I am trying so please have patients.

First of all, drag your image in assets, and then open setting panel and here click on the drop-down, after that choose your new image’s name and then close the menu and compile the app

And try to use only .png file

I do this it shows copy as I drag it over I let it go and nothing, it does not get added.

and yes it is a png file

Show screenshots

First show the snip of your asset folder and another snip of settings, from where you are trying to change the icon

Show the snip of your assets too and tell us which image you want to set as launcher icon

this is the icon that I want, neither of the 2 that are there now.

Upload this in your project’s assets and from settings select this image

I try to upload but it is not added so when I go to select it is not there.

It is like it is locked can’t add can’t take away.