Can you help me?

Dear Niotron Moderator and Influencer Anyone Can Help Me For My Project?

It’s not earning app my app is learning App For Teenage and my Apps Showing Ads So I Want to ad A System like Watch 3 Ads And Block Ads for 1 Days With my learning App And after the day change, when the user opens my apps, Ads will be shown again
Any One Can Explain?
Your help would mean a lot to me

yes i can help you dear, use tiny db1 to number of ads shown and after tinydb1 ads value is more than 2 ads are not shown and make use a another tiny db1 for date store. contact me for more info

Plz help sir I need it very much

I’ll suggest you to provide all the solutions and the data here only so that other users with same issue may get the answer easily, instead of messing up again

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