Can we copy-paste blocks from older aia?

In a previous version of aia we deleted a page and all blocks inside, but now we like to restore it to the new aia. We have access to the old aia, but instead of recreating it from scratch, is there a way to like copy/paste it?

Both are Niotron aia

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You Can Try it Hope it will work

If possible try to use backbag

It’s saying it should work, including to transfer blocks between projects, but the blocks are not saved in the backpack, and each time I change project, the backpack is empty again…

By looking at many topics, there are some huge ‘Saving’ issues in Niotron

You can right click in the blank white space and download all the blocks as imges then drag and drop the image in new aia’s blocks section

Not working too. Anything else ?