Can I Use kodular Ad Manger child account

Can I use kodular Admanger child account to show ads in app using the niotron monetization Admanger ads components. Plz Tel me kodular child account work properly with niotron ads components ? I want to switch my all apps kodular to niotron.:grin::sweat_smile::grin:

I dont think Kodular AdManager Child Account will work here.

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@Manoj_Developers I think they have a verification check if the platform is kodular or not so as Abhijith said it will not work

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Why niotron Admanger does not provide child accounts. You provide Admanger child account and deduct 10-20% commission from there income.

now days Admanger account opening in so complicated process.they not approve maximum account.niotron plz provide Admanger child account.

@abhijith Can you saying regarding this??

I am want to know that will niotron bring anything like that?

multiple kodular users shifted on niotron because of kodular low service response and Admanger low ecpm and impressions issue. i am one of these users
Niotron will provide these facilities more users shifting on niotron builder…:sweat_smile::grin::sweat_smile:

If you have Kodular AdManager child account, so you can use this extension, it support their child account too ↓

I want the Ad Manager aix which I want to use in Niotron.

But please tell me if I use the Child Ad Manager Account obtained from Kodular how about the Commission will Kodular keep taking the Commissions?

You might use this extension. Their commission will be same.

The Commission is very high and I am thinking to disagree the Agreement with Kodular but I am not sure what will happen after I disagree the agreement for them not to be my parent.

Will Google suspend my Ad Manager or will they not pay me the new coming revenue or will they stop the ads from my Ad Manager.

I am looking for best answer of this else, I will want to know how can I get a new Ad Manager which is not a Child of any Partner this mean I should get the all revenue without sending any commission to anyone.

The main thing is the extension doesn’t take any commission by itself. If you use child account of them so they might take commission. Otherwise you can use your own AdManager account. Extension support both account type.

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is there any new method to obtain the Ad manager Account without going all the process of having Google AdSense which requires a lot of things such as 5 million page views and earned not let $10K per month and should be at least in 6 months complied with Google without any error and problem

and I found als ezoic as they can help to get the Ad Manager but yet they takes commissions and also the want you to have not less that 500k page views and etc.

Please how can we bypass all those?