Can any one guide me what's the issue failed to show data from Airtable after building the app

When I used niotron campanion data from Airtable load and showing as well but when I build the app and then open , it first load the data but then failed to show data from Airtable.

Please elaborate more to get solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Show your blocks and also explain what are you trying to do?

App is working when I run on niotron campanion but when I build it and install then these images failed to show

Can you share the apk

humKhanK (15).apk (7.0 MB)

Did you check the APK …?

I think the grid view is not working properly you must try dynamic components extension

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Yes I used dynamic components extension with card view. All is well but I think this block is wrong when any card view click, can you kindly tell me what logic I have to use there, when any card view click