[CameraView.TakePicture] path syntax


What is the expected syntax for CameraView.TakePicture “path”?

I couldn’t find any description of this in the blocks docs.


Your last path should work:

But you must request CAMERA permission (with the APK) manually beforehand and of course grant it as well.

Try this one (it should work on all Android versions):
CameraView_test.apk (4.8 MB)

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Thank you, @Anke

CameraView_test.apk works and saves in the right folder on my android 11 test device.

May I ask if docs will be updated in the near future?

Also, I would be glad if you could please share the respective CameraView_test.aia.
Thanks again, @Anke.

For some reason stopped working after some hours: :smiling_face_with_tear:

open failed: EEXITS (File exists)

delete file
delete from trash bin
Clear all caches I could think of
Restart device
Reinstall apk

but still got the same error over and over again.
Any ideas?


Try this one:
CameraView_test2.apk (4.8 MB)

Explanation coming tomorrow…
but maybe you’ll find out for yourself. :wink:

See e.g. here:


If the user uninstalls and reinstalls the app it does not work anymore, because the reinstalled app is then a new app and cannot overwrite the existing test file. The only way to avoid this is to check if the test file already exists and if so, give it a new name

I was hoping this would not be a problem with all the compile>test>repeat…
…but then I guess using something like date+time as the name string will do the job for now.

Just to be sure, why the app won’t work even though I delete the file before reinstall… like a hidden temp or something like that?



Try to Clear storage & Cache in the app Settings before re-installing. And also try to remove the file via the app beforehand (e.g. when you close the app). The latter will work in any case.

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