Building App error

My subscription is not yet expired but I cannot build my app

I got it too i am facing same issue

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Yes, cannot build at all!
Please fix this as soon as possible

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Me too, I cannot build the apk nor abb

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same problem fix this issue

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Same problem with me and Side menu bug not fixed when we touch side menu on top left app got closed and if we swipe right its show (in older version it was left swipe)


Niotron is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________App Monetization Not Enabled for Ad Components

same error faceing

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I am facing same problem,
Do you get any solution?

Im facing it too. I tried to remove all The monetization components, so… i still cant upload because My App is close to 25MB. Only up to 10MB is possible to create.

Can I get your Instagram id?

Same issue.