Builder Ui

I request Nitron Staff To work On Builder Ui

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Thanks for your feedback. We will definitely try to improve our UI


@Souvik i think you should give some new updates. And add some new component.

And thank you @Souvik for this builder and this builder made in india. Thank you so much


If You Want feedback i have a bunch of them
Please introduce Nitron Documentation
Please Bring Nitron merchandise
Please bring New Ui (Most Important )
Please Bring new component and block


We keep updating our builder very often. Last update was somewhere around 15 days ago. If you have any component or feature request feel free to post in #feature-request category

Thanks for your support and positive feedback. :+1:

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And One more i found
change default color of the Title Bar
it reminds me of kodular there are many color choose them

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Post these all request in #feaure-request

Create custom title bar. Or if you want built in feature then open a new thread