Builder.niotron to beta.niotron aia not working

Describe the bug in detail…when i export aia from builder.niotron.And add it to not compile.Showing this error(see the image below) .it is simple offile quotes app.Apps are not compiling properly almost all are showing the same problem.

I have another online quotes app although it is compiled i can’t be use it. after installation, the app automatically closes with a notification like “This application has stopped working” …

in ALL PROJECT working very well no problem.

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Click on view log and post here.

You have downloaded an APK file or a set of Android App Bundle with an activity object, an object alias, a service, or a broadcast receiver with an intent filter, but without the android:exported property set. This file cannot be installed on a device with Android version 12 or higher. To learn more, go to Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 12  |  Android Developers


Same Problam from me

what is this?