Build Failed in Beta Version

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i am trying to export the APK of my app then i am countering an 2 Error firstly it says you are can’t used monetized component but i have the subscriptions for 1 month. It solved after refreshing.
but after that i countere another one eror is:
MergeManifests] ERROR: Could not execute manifest merger step
[MergeManifests] Task errored in 0.806 seconds

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@admins @moderators It get build after i removed the Admob ads Component. Please solve the issue with Admob Ads Component. I can’t build my app.
So, Please Solve this Early.
Thank You

Are you using any extensions

No. I don’t use any Extensions…
Only after Removing Admob Ads it get Build Sucessfully.

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@OS_Omm can you provide the aia file for testing

adstest (1).aia (3.8 KB)

@OS_Omm Thanks for the aia we will check and respond to you soon