Bug in mobile browser

maybe i think one day, Google will be interested in buying shares in your company​:baby_chick::baby_chick:

Yes, you are correct, but a lot of things are still not possible with smartphones.
However, anyone can use a smartphone to use it. I am just sharing my opinion and recommendation.

Well that error is because I guess you are using the browser as Desktop mode, right?
If so, there would be no need, since the builder is practically the same with or without desktop mode (I attach a test).

The builder is not designed for mobile use, the builder is not even responsive, all its design is based on table xD (Just look at the code).

With your problem on pc I think it’s on your side (maybe enlarging your virtual memory or using another browser is the solution), otherwise there would have been enough complaints about them when there was at the time that it was a bug in the builder!

This is the case for all AppInventor Distros. We have a huge update in the works though…