[BUG] In App Review

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My App Was On Live On PlayStore When I Installed My App From Playstore Then This error is Showing When I call OpenReviewForm
Note-- PackageName Is Hiden From Error

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component_method (4)

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Does the error only appear when you download the app from playstore?

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Yes Its Only Happen When I Downloaded It From Playstore

Did you check if this activity is in the androidmanifest file?

@TheKing_Ravan Please share the apk

I removed My App From Playstore

i used following blocks,

and its get the following output

@Devendra_Singh Is your app available on playstore?

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Yes… Its available on beta version…

after 9 days?

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Same Post But Team Is Not Accepting It

@iaditya_nanda It Should Be Split Into This Topic!