Bug any arrangement not working in as video player. please fix as soon as possible

See my blocks in back side.
Please solve this as soon as possible.

its because your device version is not suitable for the extension

But its works on other platforms like k_odular

The is because deephost uses support library which is not supported in Appinventor or Niotron, to make it suitable he should build extensions for AndroidX which is supported by Niotron.


Deep host have so many extension they cannot change it. yes you can upgrade else half of extension not working hire.

If an extension is not working on our builder the contact that extension developer. We are not responsible, if it’s not working. Also non of his extensions are published here in our community. So do remember, if you are creating a topic to get help on any extension, check the community if it’s published here or not.

Not us, deephost should think about this

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