Beta Version | Release Notes

Beta Version of the App Builder Will Received Continuous Updates.
The Latest Changes made to the Builder can be Tracked here.


Greetings, developers! :confetti_ball:

We are delighted to bring you the latest update, This beta, packed with exciting new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Here’s what you can expect:

SDK Updates

  • Google Play Billing library updated to 5.0.0
  • Applovin to 11.9.0
  • Applovin Facebook Adapter updated to
  • Facebook Audience Network updated to 6.14.0
  • Ironsource updated to
  • Adcolony updated to 4.8.0
  • Pollfish updated to 6.4.0
  • Startapp updated 4.10.12
  • Unity updated to 4.6.1
  • Onesignal updates to 4.8.6
  • Play services updated to 21..

Bug Fixes

  • FirebaseAuth UserAuthTokenError added and UserAuthTokenReceived

New Components

  • OKSpin ads added
    OkSpin is a monetization/offerwall component for monetizing the applications easily

  • Ad Manager App Open Component Added
    App open for Google ad manager to show ad type of App Open. This one is different from admob app open



UPDATE | 2023-05-20T20:26:00Z

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to complie Apps with Monetization Components, even if they had a premium Plan. Bug Report

  • Added a Loading Bar to Indicate Progress When Pressing Checkout in the Builder

  • More Loading Indicators are Added throughout the website to provide visual Indication to the users.


UPDATE | 2023-06-07T16:00:00Z


  • Material Library Updated to 1.6.1
  • Updated Support Libraries to the Latest Version.
    AndroidX Libraries are all Upto Date Now.

New Blocks

  • Mobile Ads Component has been reworked to change Initialization Logic and we’ve added few more blocks
    Mobile Ads now will not be automatically Initialized. You can now call the InitializeMobileAds Block in Screen1 Initialize Event
    disabelMediationAdapter can be true of false depending on if you use Mediation.

  • We’ve also added few new blocks to debug Ads.

    component_method (1)

  • Directed for Children and Target Age properties now has a return Property


  • Fixed Unity Ads Crashing Issue
  • Fixed Admob Mobile Ads not initializing
  • Fixed “Found multiple elements for key ‘’, expected at most one.” Error. Reported Here.
    Thanks @Boban for the fix recommendation
  • Fixed Adgate Multiple elements for key issue.

Removed OkSpin Component due to Malware Allegations against their SDK.

With this update we’ve introduced a new Build System. Let us know if you face any bugs or issues with this one.


UPDATE | 2023-06-10T14:40:00Z

  • Removed OkSpin Libraries from Companion. This will fix the Google Play Warning Issue about Privacy and Fake App. Please Update to Companion Version 3.1
  • Fixed Logout issue in Builder (You will now be redirect to Fixale Auth After Logging out, you will be able to change account and manage from Fixale Auth)
  • Fixed App Crashing When Using ReyclerView. Reported by @gamer_dip
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UPDATE | 2023-08-22T18:30:00Z

Target SDK Has been Updated to 33

OneSignal Component Reworked

  • Removed Blocks that allowed Users to send Notification. Events Regarding the Notification Sent and Failed are removed as well. A New Server Side Component will be added in the coming updates to add back these Features. These blocks will be marked as bad blocks when you open your project.

  • Added New Properties

  • Added Initialize Block to allow users to Initialize OneSignal Component When Needed. It is Recommened to call all Initialize Blocks in the Screen1.Initialize event

  • New Blocks

    blocks (1)


  • Applovin SDK Has been Updated to 11.11.2
  • Facebook Audience Network has been Updated to 6.15.0
  • Updated Google Play App Updater SDK to the latest version as of release.
  • Updated In App Review SDK to the latest version as of release.
  • IronSource SDK has been Updated to 7.4.0
  • Updated Firebase SDK to the latest version as of release.
  • Play Services Libraries have been Updated.
  • Updated Google Billing Library

We’ve Updated a lot more libraries and dependencies, we will be adding more detailed information inside the builder itself in the next update so users can see the clear and accurate version of each library.

Material 3

  • We’ve migrated to Material 3. Material Library has been Updated as well for the update.
  • Added Bottom App Bar Component
  • Material Components will now have new Looks, this includes Material Botton, Navigation Bar, Sidebar, Floating Action Button, etc


  • Added FirebaseCore InitializeComponent Block
  • Firebase Core does not need Storage Bucket or GCM Details. ApplicationId and API Key is needed.
  • Firebase Messaging Does not need to be Manually Initialized. google-service.json is needed for Firebase Analytics and CloudMessaging.
  • Removed Background Functions Component
  • Added More Runtime Permissions into the Permissions Options Block


  • Fixed Pollfish events not being triggered
  • Fixed Firebase Auth User Auth Token Issue resulting in Class not found.
  • Fixed Facebook Adapter SDK issue
  • Fixed OneSignal Notification not opening the app when the notification is clicked.
  • Fixed Google Play Billing Class not Found Issue.

Test your Apps in the Beta Server and do report bugs before we push it to the Main Builder.


  • Deleting Multiple Blocks will cause Issues.

Beta Server:


  • Fixed google-services.json not found in the assets error.
  • Fixed Firebase Analytics not working properly as intended.
  • Fixed Firebase Cloud Messaging Component not working as intended.
  • Fixed Blocks not loading when Your project had OneSignal Component.


  • Removed Location Permissions from OneSignal Component. Location tracking will not work unless you enable location permission in the Project Settings.
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