Be Careful about Scammer

Please attention,
Admin please let niotron members know about cheater @Jewel don’t close this topic please.
@Jewel is a scammer who is named as a developer in niotron. He cheated me for an extension which is value of 15$. I sent him money on 30th august. He was disappointed me everyday. Several times I requested him to give Extension. Finally he blocked my number. Please tell, is this a Good developer responsibility. He cheated me for 15$. I request you all don’t send money to @jewel Shikder Jony for any extension. Number one Bangladesh Cheater @jewel Shiner Jony.

Please find the attachment of my Transaction and All chat.

Be Careful.


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He made an fake admob extension too…
Someone bought his extension, and his app is crashing …

@Know_About_IT informed me by pm…

Proof -

Hope I didn’t said anything wrong. :sweat_smile:

Yes, he didn’t say anything wrong!


@Souvik @NiotronStaff
This is a serious matter, kindly look into it…
And, in my opinion, I think this topic should be pinned globally forever to save people from @Jewel and to save people’s money.
What do you all think ?

Shall this topic should be pinned ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Did I ever took your money or asked you about any money, don’t be foolish and spam every where :unamused:

Firstly you accept that it is you :rofl:

It is not always about money…

I am really not!

  1. Do u know what is meant by spam?
  2. I am not spamming anywhere at all!
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Yeah, I am really not. are you?

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@Jewel will be absolutely suspended even if he will reply or not.

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Stop this topic spam, and the OP, please wrap all the screenshots in one expandable thing. Also, It isn’t necessary to mention him or anybody.

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Can you confirm is this the same guy and same tg username

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Sure I would love to see it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Aquib_Khan,

I know that it’s an serious matter but I don’t think so that it should be pinned in the community as it’s not an announcement related to Niotron :niotron:

Thank You


@Jewel scammed me too last month $4.50 for VPN Checker AIX.

he told me to send money and then he will send me aix, but after sending him money, he said he was on a trip so i should wait him until the next day. but as I texted for him again he said he was still finishing making aix, so I waited a couple of weeks.
And when I looked for him he said again he had family problems that’s why he didn’t send me aix, so he told me to sent him the email I use on the builder, I sent him, but he kept quiet again. so i saw he was just bothering me i decided to block him.

Hi, everyone. Yes @Jewel cheated me too like this exactly said by others. I contacted Jewel using his telegram (jewelshkjony). I paid him INR 1500 to buy Startapp, Unity, adcolony Extension. After i sent him the payment he told me to wait for few hours because he was doing some project so i thought ok it’s not a big problem. almost 24 hours passed and i got no reply. Then he sent me startapp extension after asking so many times. Then again he told me to wait for 2 days as there were some bugs in Unity and Adcolony extension so again i waited. After 2 days again asked him but he did not reply me. I kept asking and asking for almost 15 days and he did not replied me at all. Then i told him if he will not reply then i am gonna file a cyber case against him as my brother is in Police and I’m also a 26 Years Young man so i know how to handle these things very well. Then he suddenly replied after few hours and gave me unity and adcolony extension. Then when i tested all the 3 different extensions in my different projects then the build apk started to crash which was fine before using his extensions. So i contacted nikzdevz who is an extension developer here as well and he checked all those and informed me that all those extensions are made by decompiling and using reverse engineering. Then i asked Jewel about all these and he never replied me till now. So clearly he is a scammers. Kodular has already banned his account from their community. @Souvik should also ban his account from Niotron to make a safe app development platform and to protect other people who spend their hard earned money.


I’m adding some of my chat and payment screenshots with @Jewel as well for reference.

I didn’t said it impossible, u can obtain r.class and ya, I mentioned Ali GS named decompiler and youtuber by it and yes, @jewel is also suspected by me

Firstly what is need to buy admob aix if u get more ad networks with built in components and just 250rs per month

There is a confidentiality of letters (at least in Germany and for good reason). So don’t publish such details (here). I will close this.

Clarify your problems with the extension developer internally. A note / warning that there are problems with certain developers is of course ok.