Backend for our Android Apps [ Databases ]

So I Opened this topic to have disscussions and solve all our queries regarding Various databases and How can we select a suitable and stable Backend of our Android apps based on our needs and goals.

Available Databases :
1] Firebase.
2] Airtable.
3] Mysql.
4] Google Spreadsheet.

Recently I have been working with Firebase database ,and it was working pretty good as a backend solution.But soon as my user base was increasing exponentially within a couple of months My app started experiencing Lag issues and it went to a stage that it started crashing.When I checked upon the Firebase project where i was storing the data,to my surprise the project was deleted and a response note pop up stating you have cross free limit. I was Dissappointed not because they stopped the service but they deleted my entire stored data.
I Researched about it and found out that it was because of bandwidth limit in free plan.
Even when I was using Firebase I have always faced the speed issued,So i desided to move to Airtable Database.

But this time as I was a bit conscious and insucure with Databases , I started researching about it.
And i found some limitations with number of rows and colums and Storage Options,and was Ok with that.
But my Main Concern was about the Bandwidth,So i Found this

Reading this I was sure that this is not the Option I was looking For.

I have the third Option MYSQL Database.
I have Just Now started Researching about this and looking for resources and articles.

Now my Main Question is :
I have a website running live and is hosted.My Host server provides me 6 Mysql Databases ,Unlimited Bandwidth ,10GB SSD storage etc…
If i connect my app to Mysql on my website will I be getting Unlimited Bandwidth ?
Does Mysql has any Limitations and bandwidth restrictions ?

I request Community members to Contribute to this topic by Answering and sharing your Experiences and reviews with any of the databases that you have worked with !

Feel free to provide any resources , guides, opinions and your experiences ,So it will help Other community members In selecting a suitable Backend for the upcomming Applications

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Thank you for this information.

Check out this

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