As "Kdlr" have upgrade to android X can we import our project

As we know before by removing some compnent then we can import it, so now can we do the same or not ?.

It doesn’t depends on androidx, just the AIA should not have that builder specific components.

Actually i am not clear about android x thats why. :laughing:


It’s just a library nothing more…


Here see this

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I delete many things but still not working, may be because of some extension. I dont know.

Did you deleted card view? Well make sure there are only the components that are available in appinventor

i dint use card view, i use layout, button, image, tiny db, lable clock, notifier and two extension

What’s the error while importing?

This thing happen. It keep loading. Yes but i try new project with some component. it work. but my 3 mb aia file do not work after lots of component delete.


The only thing you can do is to modify it to make it work,better than Rebuilding project.

How can i modify it, if can not import it.

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Oh well​:sweat_smile:, check my DM.

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Also delete the tiny db and check other screens also if any

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I dont create another screen.

Can you share aia i will see and give the list of all unusable components

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None of the three platforms are now compatible (only that you import from AI2 to the other two platforms but vice versa forget it), as each one has different component names and also different properties and code when compiling, the best thing to do is to rebuild the whole project again.

Android X is just one library, the only difference it will make is that as now all three use Android X libraries there will be no problems with certain extensions that were previously exclusive to certain platforms!