Are Facebook ads working on new apps via mediation?

Some people say they work, some say they dont. Some say their old apps working only. If I create new app here using mediation and use Facebook ads, will they display? Considering older Facebook sdk?

Yes Media

For Me Mediation Is Working Properly
FB+ Max
Max + FB
I tried Both Meadiation With Facebook Ads Commponent Or Applovin Ads Component

I Think They Said Becouse Face SDK is low I think Stuff Update it Soon

Sdk version is low that was the main reason

Facebook sdk 6.8.0 which niotron giving now is released on October 2021

Then Facebook released 6.10.0 in april 2022

Now Facebook released 6.11.0 in may 2022

But still we are using last year sdk

Some One Tell me Update Is On the way and this update niotron stuff update facebook sdk too


Why any niotron stuff mamber not replaying on this topic

bye have a great time niotron and kodular… when they will update sdk… i will back in niotron… & purchase monetization pack…btw niotron was the best for fan network.

I asked this question on kodular. Someone replied to me, that only old apps on niotron are supporting ads, not new built one.

yes right :sneezing_face:

Did anyone try Facebook ads after new patch update?