Are Facebook ads running in niotron?

I am new here. I use kodular. One of my app using Facebook ads is not showing ads, maybe because of mediation or SDK issue, so i am looking for switching platform. But before doing so and paying for monetization, I would like to know what story is going on here. I have also read multiple topics, but no clarity as to what I am looking for, so kindly reply me as per what you guys are facing?

I Am Using Facebook Ads From A long Time And All AdTypes Are working fine but
i noticed a problem some of device native ad not showing
my app genrate rivanue from native
i think this issue only in some devices
i mediate my app with ironsource or applovin


I am facing same issue in kodular. Apps not showing but test ads coming. When contacted Facebook team, they always reply with same thing that “mediation not enabled”. Then how come it’s not platform issue? Also, seldom they say SDK is not updated.

Did You Used Facebook Ads Adapter??

Use Niotron

I think Niotron Stuff Update SDK Soon…

Niotron is a best platform to use facebook monetization

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Is there any way here so that i can know if ads are coming in my app, without uploading it to playstore

Check your ad console for that.

I Am Also facing This Issue. In New App Facebook Ads Not Coming. .

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