Applovin max banner issue

I am a person who don’t follow community rules. I am frustrated from 2 months. What are you doing niotron team. Please fix applovin max banner and native ad issue. Banner show half size in app and native ad show 60% size in app. Niotron team please fix it as soon as possible

@MrSidhartha this is a community, not your personal group where you can write anything next time this mistake will not be excused.

Okay but what are you doing. my money lose from last 2 months with subscription pack but you are not fix your problem. When a user tell about bug in group and community, then you will block the user. I humble request you please fix this banner issue within 2 days.

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We can feel your problem. But be patient and don’t do anything against community guidelines.

who did that ?
maximum of the user talks nonsense and niotron group is not a fish market where everyone is just shouting

its reported and fixing is in progress

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