App version code issue found

When i build my project in Abb file to upload in play store, i kept my app version 7 (1.7)
play console error : version code 6 is already upload.
OK no issue:
i change to 8 (1.8)
Again : play console error : version code 7 is already upload.
:frowning: what is this???

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Is you uploading correct file ?

Yes, just i build a new app in niotron, becouse old app was from kodular.

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Do one thing, install apk on your device and there check app info, there you’ll find a info button at top right(in Redmi mobiles) click there you’ll be able to see app version, is it working there

You mean , google play consol have issue

Change your version codes to 9 and version name 1.9 Now build your project and download your file name like MyAppV1.9 now upload your app in play console.

Can you share your AAB file here?

You mean abb file

AAB (Android app bundle) file. not abb

I can share video or screen shot , but project or app is not a good idea.

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Follow what I said, which can clearify that is the apk has same issue or not

ok let me test

OMG its not same

Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 19-47-41 Niotron

mobile test

Ok i got the issue," i delete a bock in my project " and then build my project and also save my project.
I notes that project save notification dint saw, still i try again and again to save.
still same.
So after 2 or 3 time build and save, i refresh the page and open my project i saw " the block i deleted ".
magic !!!
So all the issue was project not save.

Yess, that was my intention to ask you to check that, and you were opposing me

Have you saved your project before building Apk?

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Yess! project and Bag block not save is a common issue.

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Yes i save 4 time, and when we build a project or do any change it get auto save i think. I also change the version.

Please try after clearing cache, there’s a little of issue in that

Thank you

Niotron team working on it.