App suspended due to Malware,mobile Unwanted Software & behavior

I develop an app from Niotron Beta and upload it to the Play Store, then my app is suspended, and the reason is “App suspended due to malware, mobile unwanted software, and behavior.” I just want to know why I get this issue: building apps from Niotron Beta is safe and secure to publish in the Play Store.

As i know that building apps on beta server safe as on main server this issue might caused by extension(s) which you have used in your project, first check any third party suspicious extension in your project and check what is the name of malware or any virus detected by play console and than check your app on firebase at run section in firebase by visiting test lab option to check your app vulnerability for more details.

Some (old) Extensions will raise this issue. Show us a list of your extensions. And a complete screenshot of the entire email.

this are all extension

@BATTLE_ZONE maybe this is due to delay handler or status bar hide extension