App opens in companions but not opening after installing

The app works perfectly using companion, but when installed it is not possible to open it. It doesn’t even show out on the installed apps screen. I can only see that it is installed thru the options menu/aplications… there I can see it is installed on the phone, but the open button is disabled.

It comes to after I deleted some blocks and extensions. Please, is there any known solution for this issue?

I was working my project and decided to save it with a different name couse I was about to make big changes on the blocks… after that it was not possible any more to open the compiled app.
I realized that the issue also occurs if I make a copy of the original project. None copy of my project is working after compilation, but the original one.

Is there any known solution for this issue??

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Hello friends… after many solution attempts I found (or better say, I remembered) that my “original project” was in fact a check point I made very long time ago…
I did the same with a testing project. I created Test, made a check point of Test named Test_checkpoint1, renamed it to Whatever, and then save the project as Whatever_copy.
That final copy had the same problem. It works on companion, but after compilation it can be installed but do not open.
So I conclude that the copy of a check point is not suitable for compilation. I don´t know why.

If any of you have the same problem or are thinking about making a copy of a “check point” I hope this experience helps you.

Best regards to all of you.

@Aramis_Garcia That’s nice that you got your solution

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