App must target Android 13 (API level 33) or higher

this is important now
we need update asap
please niotron team do something about this

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i think google give us one year (aug 2023 - aug 2024) of timeline to udpate our API level. is it?

Google says that deadline is 31 august 2023 12 days left


yes, its true, we need this update asap.

google :- From Aug 31, 2023, if your target API level is not within 1 year of the latest Android release, you won’t be able to update your app.

and niotron also confirm that android 13 will be realesed before deadline. so there is no big deal.

The latest Android (Android 13) was released on Aug 2022. So, the 1-year timeline will end in Aug 2023.

ok, i’m going to dying now…