App monetization - build issue

I have purchased a monetization Subscription on 08 oct 2021 and it ended on 08 Nov 2021. I have renewed it on 14 nov 2021. last night (14 nov 2021 23:00 PM) I was able to build my apps. But Now I am unable to Build Apps. It’s showing that
“Niotron is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________App Monetization Not Enabled for Ad Components”.
I have activated and deactivated the subscription and still the same error is coming. I canceled the subscription, purchased the monetization Subscription again, still it is not resolved. After taking the second subscription, I have two subscriptions active, now.
Please, help me.

Please help me. There is a bug in my app available on play store. So, I need to update it.

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Hello at this time I think server down so you seeing this error when server is back online you can’t seeing this type error

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Yes, You are right. it’s working now.
Thanks for your reply.

But this problem started happening again.

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