App crashing

Is there a boom on the server that is causing an error when building the apk?
My app works perfectly on Niotron Companion, but when I build the app it crashes on all the devices I tested.
It fails as soon as it opens, I have the same application made on another platform and there he builds the app without even a problem.
I’m using the “Youtube Embed Player” and “Colin Tree List View” extension.
Can someone help me?


Could you send the aia or the apk?

is it allowed to send the aia containing paid extension?
If allowed let me know that I upload

I don’t think I can share the aia because it includes paid extension, the link for the apk is below.

DesenhosPlayTV.apk (5.1 MB)

Can someone help me with the problem?

Same problem facing on my App…i need i also help.

Same problem